SURFACE™ Gin is a beautifully crafted Gin made with the freshest alpine water from Lake Tahoe. This gin is very light in Juniper and each of the botanicals have been hand selected for their delicate and subtle character.

Original Gin
Tahoe’s Timeless Classic

Discover the essence of timeless elegance with our Original Gin, a classic blend of botanicals that pays homage to the purity of Lake Tahoe’s nature. Distilled with only the finest natural ingredients, this gin showcases the juniper at its heart, complemented by a delicate interplay of botanicals that weave together a captivating flavor profile. With each sip, you’ll feel the embrace of Tahoe’s tranquility, immersing yourself in the essence of this majestic alpine wonderland. Whether enjoyed neat or as the foundation for your favorite cocktails, our Original Gin stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of Tahoe, where tradition and nature merge in every bottle.

Orange Gin
Citrus Zest and Sunlit Shores

Indulge in the vibrant spirit of our Orange Gin, where the zest of sun-ripened oranges meets the essence of Lake Tahoe’s sunlit shores. Crafted using only natural orange flavors, this gin exudes a burst of citrus brilliance that dances on your palate. The harmonious blend of botanicals complements the bright orange notes, resulting in a gin that is a burst of sunshine in every glass. Whether sipped neat, over ice, or infused into a creative cocktail, our Orange Gin is the embodiment of warmth and zest, inviting you to savor the spirit of Tahoe with each delightful sip.

Cucumber Flavored Gin
Embrace the Cool Breeze

Experience the refreshing allure of our Cucumber Flavored Gin, a true ode to the crispness of Lake Tahoe’s cool breeze. Crafted with natural cucumber essence, this gin offers a delightful harmony of botanicals that embody the essence of summer. Each sip unveils the soothing essence of freshly-cut cucumbers, perfectly balanced with the juniper and citrus notes, creating a gin that is both invigorating and invigorating. Whether enjoyed in a classic G&T or as the star ingredient in a signature cocktail, our Cucumber Flavored Gin promises to whisk you away to the tranquil shores of Tahoe with every sip.

From Incredible Lake Tahoe